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Re: Can't play audio CDs

Are you able to play any sounds at all? If not, you'll need to add
yourself to the 'audio' group.

I suspect that you may be running into permissions problems even if
you can play other sounds: ensure that your drive /dev/hdc is owned by
group cdrom and add yourself to that group as well. (Remember to log
out and back in, and) everything should work after that.


* Nathan Weston (nweston@hamilton.edu) [010712 07:34]:
> I have an ATAPI CD-ROM drive (actually a Creative Dxr2 DVD drive), which I 
> can't get to play audio CDs under debian.
> I am new to debian, but have a fair amount of experience wi/ Redhat. I am 
> currently migrating my system from redhat to debian, dual-booting so I can 
> keep the useable rh system around until I get everything working under debian.
> Playing of audio cds works fine under redhat (using kscd), but under debian 
> (unstable, with either the 2.2 idepci kernel or a custom 2.4.5 kernel), I get 
> no sound. 
> My drive is showing up as /dev/hdc. kscd tries to use /dev/cdrom, and when I 
> change that in the configuration, it crashes. grip will use /dev/hdc, and 
> gets a track listing, but when it plays there is no sound.
> Under redhat my drive showed up as /dev/cdrom. I'm not sure if this is 
> significant.
> Since I don't own a cd player, I can't switch over to debian until I get this 
> working. Any suggestions?
> TIA,
> Nathan
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