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lprng for a home computer


I run a laptop (PowerBook Prismo) and have a USB HP Printer attached
to it, which works, thanks to the great work at HP.  (Too bad there are
no debs, but recompiling gs wasn't that hard.)

I'm hardening my computer, since I have and ISDN connection which is
can be always on.  I only have this computer, so there isn't really
any sense in running a firewall.  I've gotten almost everything to
only listen to localhost TCP ports, except for lprng.  (For some
reason, lpr doesn't work nicely with the printer.)

So the question is, is there was way to make lprng to only listen to  Searching through the configuration files and manuals
hasn't turned up anything.  The access control doesn't allow anyone to
connect except for localhost, but I would prefer if it didn't even
open the port.

Thanks for any help!


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