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Re: Mouse Locking up in KDE2

On Sunday 15 July 2001 12:18, Jonathan Daugherty wrote:
> > My girlfriend optical intellimouse seems to become useless
> > in the kde2 beta.  It seems to happen if there has been no activity
> > and then she starts using it again.
> I had that same bug when using X >= 4 and Kde2.  It also seems to happen
> with any WM with X4.  I fixed it by stopping gpm.  It seems to confuse X
> and I noticed that when gpm is running, I get erratic mouse behavior until
> I turn it off.

Agreed, I have found many problems with gpm.  Un-install the thing and just 
do /dev/psaux or link /dev/mouse to /dev/psaux and just set it as your mouse.


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