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Re: fsck and non-contiguous

On Sat, Jul 14, 2001 at 12:17:59PM -0500, xucaen@yahoo.com wrote:
> Hi all.....
> You know how every so often while booting debian, fsck will run?
> well, last week I noticed that after it ran, it said .3% non contiguous.
> Today it ran and it said .6% non contiguous.
> My question is.. why diesn't fsck fix the non contiguous errors it finds?
> about a month ago my hard drive failed. before it failed it was dojng this
> same thing. when debian wouldn't boot any longer, I ran fsck manually and
> it didn't seem to work.. Not fsck's fault, the hard drive is completely bad.
> Could this be a sign of another hard drive failure? (it's a different drive, I
> tossed the old one) or should I just run fsck as root and fix the non contiguous errors?

Don't worry. Non contiguous means the filesystem is fragmented; some
files are divided over various places on your disk instead of being
written continguously. It slows down performance a little bit, but
too little to care about. 

	Casper Gielen
casper@huiscomputer.homeip.net, capslock2000@subdimension.com
People just generally like to disagree. 
	Bill Joy

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