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Re: "man" command made easy?

You might want to check out linuxnewbie.org. It has a lot of newbie-oriented 
howtos. It's not as fine granularity as manpages, but will help with a lot of 
basic tasks, and has some great forums.

I would also suggest the book "Linux in a Nutshell" from O'Reilly. This is 
actually very close to what you are looking for from the man pages.


On Saturday 14 July 2001 12:41 am, john smith wrote:
> Hi,
> I was just wondering...I don't know if this topic is for this list but...is
> there a book or link somewhere that gives easier examples of how to do the
> correct syntax for "man" something. This probably won't be any problems to
> you unix gurus out there but if I wanted to do something and I do a "man"
> something, I get arcane (at least for me) explanations of how to use
> different options/parameters of that something but not giving me a simple
> example on how to do the command with the options I want correctly and I'd
> spend a lot of time figuring out the correct syntax instead of spending
> time with something else. it would certainly be nice for the "man" pages to
> include a simple example of a  correct command's syntax and how to add
> options etc.. along with the lengthy explanation of all of the available
> commands options. might not be useful to you gurus out there but it
> certainly will help newbies to make the learning curve a little easier?
> 'nuff said...
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