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[OT] xumod - undefined symbol error (2nd try)

I sent this message a couple weeks or so ago and just thought I'd try
again. No biggie if no one has any clue or response.

	Greetings and Salutations All,

	I have an unreolved symbol when I try to run 'xumod'(an Unreal
Tournament umod file unpack utility). I was using it just fine until I
reinstalled Debian a few weeks ago. I reinstalled because I wanted to
use the xfs journaling filesystem, in case you were wondering. I am not
sure, but there may have been an update to perl right about the same
time. BTW, is there a way to tell the date when a package was
installed/upgraded? Anyway, when I try to run it I get the following

Can't load '/usr/local/lib/perl/5.6.1/auto/Tk/Tk.so' for module Tk:
/usr/lib/libpt_linux_x86_r.so.1: undefined symbol: __ti8iostream at
/usr/lib/perl/5.6.1/DynaLoader.pm line 202.
at /usr/local/bin/xumod line 19
Compilation failed in require at /usr/local/bin/xumod line 19.
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /usr/local/bin/xumod line 19.

It's no big deal as the command line utility that's included, 'umod',
works just fine. And, as usual with command line programs, it is more
powerful and flexible than it's gui counterpart(you can use the *
wildcard, and it can be used in a script). But it would nice to have
xumod working. People checking out my Linux box like to see the X-Windows
eye-candy and stuff. Any insight appreciated.

umodpack-0.5b16 is available at...


	Thank You,

	Jim Richards

I herby decree anyone who does not respond to this e-mail shall be
removed from this world by pain of death.... j/k!!

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