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Re: ssh strangeness

At 08:38 p.m. 12/07/01 +0100, Christian Jaeger wrote:
At 13:57 Uhr -0400 12.7.2001, Andrew Dixon wrote:
Could this be a problem with reverse name lookups?  We're using M$ as
our DHCP and primary DNS and it works about as well as you'd expect it
to work (read: it sucks).

Yes, it's probably exactly that. We experienced the same problem when trying to log into our debian box from a machine which didn't have a reverse DNS entry. (There must be a configuration option to sshd - we didn't need to solve it so I can't tell.)

I used to ssh from woody to potato witout reverse dns, it was a bit slow on the beginning, but it ended up working... maybe is has something to do with the (somewhat obscure to me) ALL: PARANOID in hosts.deny...

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