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Re: MUAs that compare with Outlook (your chance to show how much better Linux is than MS!!)

> OK, I've read with great amusement all the
> chest-thumping going on about MUAs, MTAs
> and how Microsoft email products are things
> that you scrape off the bottom of your shoe.
> I, for one, am brand-spanking new at Linux and
> have yet to find a Linux MUA that meets my
> needs.

At first, I was going to suggest "balsa", but you're asking
for a lot !! Certainly more than just an e-mail program. You
will accept multiple programs, so that may help.

I've never used "Evolution" from Gnome, but I know it *looks*
a whole lot like Outlook ;-) I'm not familiar with it's
capabilities though. Here's it's web page:
http://www.ximian.com/apps/evolution.php3 It even syncs with
Palm Pilots, although the FAQ says it's not stable enough yet.

> If there isn't, then I hope the person who stated
> "anyone who uses MS email products is ignorant"
> will reconsider their statement.

They won't ;-) The best part is, many people who bash
Microsoft products have never used them, or at least not
recently. I'm by no means defending their stuff (I'm using MS
Outlook Express to send this, by the way, no gurus need to
examine the mail headers to "expose" me). It's simply


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