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Re: Oracle, perl & DBI under debian

will trillich wrote:

On Mon, Jul 02, 2001 at 05:01:25PM +0000, Victor wrote:

To use perl and DBI:oracle do I need to install
perl and the DBI stuff for oracle from the DBI site only


perl, the DBI stuff for oracle and A SERVER (PROPRIETARY) CLIENT FOR

seems to me that with perl and the right DBD::*.pm, YOU are the
one creating the client.

i think.

I just had these installed on a solaris server here at work and (the sysadmin installed it, not me) I think you can get it all off cpan. Installing the DBI and DBD modules is necessary for sure and I think you'll need to install DBD:Oracle.pm (under @INC/DBD) separately but I believe it's also available from cpan. You may also want to check out the perldoc page on the oracle module or, alterantely, this web page: http://hazmat.fms.indiana.edu/DBD-DBI/DBD-Oracle.html

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