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Re: Getting dselect and apt-* to work from a local file system

On Tue, Jul 10, 2001 at 08:54:11PM -0000, Tommy McDaniel wrote:
> That doesn't seem like to me like what I want to do, but it could be. 
> Basically, I downloaded the basic files to install Linux on my Windows 
> partition and now want to use dselect to install packages, which will also 
> have to be downloaded onto the Windows partition before being transferred 
> over manually to the Linux partition. I read 
> /usr/share/doc/apt/offline.text.gz, but unfortunately it didn't really solve 
> my problem. I don't have another working Linux computer with apt on it to 
> download the packages from, nor do I have the program spoken about in the 
> second half of the file, even though if I did I would still want to download 
> the files manually instead of using that program. I looked for 
> /var/lib/apt/lists, but I have no such thing. I think all I had was 
> /var/lib, with some stuff in there but no apt. Based on this, how can I 
> finish setting up dselect? Everything works (or at least seems to) until I 
> get to that error I mentioned in my original posting. I just need to 
> download the files onto my Windows partition, transfer them over to the 
> appropriate place on the Linux partition (I would assume 
> /dists/stable/main/binary-i386/*, or contrib or non-free), and then have 
> dselect and apt and dpkg and whatever it is that needs to work properly to 
> work properly, while using dselect. I imagine it can be done, I'm just not 
> sure what I need to do. Thank you already for your help.

You need to set up your own packages repository, including Packages files.

Dselect and apt need a "Packages" file to tell them about the available
packages.  For your private package repository, you must generate these
yourself using dpkg-scanpackages.  It can be found in package dpkg-dev.

Finally, set up a deb uri in your sources.list that points to your homebrew
Packages files.

If you have any problems at it, just post about it to the list.



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