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Re: Routing

On Tue, 10 Jul 2001, Debian GNU wrote:

> Hi all,
> I have a network with the following configuration.
> ---------------------------------------------
>      |                      |
>                Linux Gateway             Router
>                    /                       |
>                inet address
>                    |
>                Router to internet
> The machines in network has put their
> gateway as the linux machine and are accessing the
> internet using proxy/masq. The default gateway of
> Linux is set to the address of the router to internet.
> How can I access the machines in
> network ?

I think the diagram got a little garbled in my mail reader, but if the network is on the other network interface of 'Router'
( then the following applies.

The default route in a machine is the route that is used after all other
routes have been checked. For machines in the network to have
connectivity to the network, add a network route to with the next hop gateway as  For machines on
the network, because (if I understand your network's
topology correctly) connectivity to all other networks is through
'Router', a default route with the next hop gateway being the
192.168.100.x network interface on 'Router' will suffice for them.

Hope this helps...

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