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Re: mp3 players

I'm a fan of noatun, the kde media player. It has a nice tray interface, and 
a plugin for global key shortcuts. It is also very convenient if you are 
running kde, because it works through the normal kde sound server (which xmms 
can do too, iirc, but it requires a plugin).
I also personally like the interface much better than xmms.

For ripping, I highly recommend grip. It is a graphical frontend that works 
with cdparanoia and your choice of encoders (including oggenc). It will look 
up track titles with CDDB, write ID3 tags, make playlists, etc.
The command line tools can do all of this stuff too (in fact, grip interfaces 
to them), but grip automates it.


On Tuesday 10 July 2001 09:47 pm, xucaen@yahoo.com wrote:
> hi all!
> I did a search for mp3 in the stable package list and got a number of
> players. Does anyone have any favorites? I'd like to hear people's
> opinions. which, if any, can copy CD tracks?
> thanks!
> xucaen

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