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Re: Installing KDE2 from cvs

tim wrote:


Konquereor crashes on me with most javascripts, since the last update in sid. Dissable is not really an option so I like to try installing
from cvs.

I have never compiled Kde or any other "big" thing except kernels0. My question is whether I have to uninstall my running KDE or just "make it with prefix ". Will this possibly mess my system ?

In generally any tips are welcome!


There are usually debian packaging scripts included in the sources, so that you can download the sources, change into the source directories and just call dpkg-buildpackage (from dpkg-dev) to build debian packages from the sources. Sometimes, the file /debian/rules cannot be executed in this process because of wrong permissions and dpkg complains, then you just have to chmod. When you install those generated .deb packages, older versions are automatically uninstalled by dpkg. If you've already installed something by make install, I'd recommend to do a make uninstall first. I think the deb installation is much cleaner than other ways.



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