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Re: Squid - a bit off-topic


I'm not too sure... but I think if you want to have users
authenticate against the linux proxy... accounts must exist on 
the linux (proxy) box....
Of course you can nicely run the proxy without user authentication...
but that would be a headache hunting through login logs and access logs
if you wanted to see who was doing what....

It would be nice if you could just run samba and squid and dump the 
NT server... but some people might not support you on that....

Have you checked with the squid mailing list?  There might be some
weird way to authenticate users from an NT PDC... I haven't heard of one....
I use samba in my network and use a smb_auth to have my users authenticate before they can surf....
It seems to work very well....

Go for Samba..... NT just always ends up depressing me.... hehehe


The following message was sent by Victor <vdemart@supereva.it> on Tue, 10 Jul 2001 17:58:33 +0000.

> Sorry for this question somewhat astray.
> I've convinced my Information Tech Dept. to adopt a linux proxy server
> (instead of Win NT stuff!!) and they're thinking of Squid.
> Now the problem they are dealing with as newbies with linux is about
> user authentication.
> In a nutshell, because only few of us (100 people out of 650) are
> allowed to connect to the web, the present Win NT proxy server connect
> to the PDC server where a group of users authorised to connect to the
> Internet is defined. Of course the users don't need to provide their
> account and passwords.
> They now wonder if this same group on the PDC server can be used with
> Squid for the same purpose without dismantling that magnificent :-( NT
> server or - which is worst - duplicate list of users?
> Any suggestion?
> Vittorio
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