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Re: [users] console beep

also sprach Christian Jaeger (on Fri, 06 Jul 2001 01:50:41PM +0200):
> 1. switch off console beep (internal pc speaker) in gnome-terminal 
> (or alltogether). Or let gnome-terminal issue a sound to esd / 
> /dev/dsp / whatever, so as to let one control volume.

xset b 0

> 2. let the internal speaker beep through a remote command (so that I 
> can login from remote, and let the speaker beep until a person sits 
> down to the computer, logs in and answers my 'talk' request).

echo ^G    (that's ctrl-v,g - i.e. hold control and then press v and g
            in succession)

this does not work over an SSH connection that has X forwarding AFAIK
if you xset b 0 locally.

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