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Re: Install X and Lilo

Thomas Merritt Draney wrote:

I did very well I must say for a new user to linux. I got debian installed to the point i am sitting there with a command prompt.

But i am now lost.  Where is Gnome or how do I start up into it?
              When I run startx it says something is broken?
I need to dual boot Windows 95 sadly with Lilo and it says permission denied when i try to access lilo.conf.

Can anyone send me a good help site for these problems or any other assistance would be much appreciated because I really want to try out Debian but I might have to go with Progeny to start out it appears.

In supplement to the answers you've already gotyou may want to read a book about Linux, since it is really very differnt to Windows (especially Win9x/Me)

I can recommend "Running Linux" by Matt Welch et al. from O'Reilly. it's a very good book, that'll explain the principals of Linux.


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