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Re: passing "mem=???" to the kernel

On 04 Jul 2001 23:05:40 -0500, Matthew Garman wrote:

> What kernel version are you running?  It's been a long time since I've had
> to pass the "mem=" parameter to my kernel.  I think that was necessary in
> the 2.0.x and younger kernels, but I don't think it's been an issue since
> 2.2.x (but I'm just guessing :).
> If you have a later 2.2.x kernel, or a 2.4.x kernel, I don't think you
> should need to pass the mem= statement.

I was surprised to discover I had to pass the mem= statement with an
older Digital Prioris and 2.4.5 kernel to recognise over 64MB of RAM (I
was wondering why the server was so sluggish). It may be more a problem
with older hardware/BIOS combinations rather than just older kernels.

Of course, adding append="mem=xxxM" to lilo.conf (where xxx is the amount
of memory in megabytes) fixed the problem.

Remember, if you edit lilo.conf rerun lilo before you reboot.


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