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Kernel Rebuild

I'm new to the idea of rebuilding my kernel for including or excluding things
in my configuration, but I decided to brave it today and was (fairly)
successful.  I'm having a little bit of a problem, though.  I need both the
UMDA66 and the SMP features.  I have the potato 2.2r2 installation CD set
(the first 3, not the sources), and I'm currently using the UMDA66 kernel
(2.2.18pre21) to access my extra hard drives that are on a Promise ATA/66
card.  I tried building a new kernel with SMP, but I found that in doing so,
I can't seem to include the UMDA66 options that are in the original kernel.
Before the new kernel, I had ide0, 1, 2, and 3, but now 2 and 3, which are on
the card, aren't found.

I know that I could probably just build an SMP module (or perhaps I'm wrong
on that) to load in with the original kernel, but I really want to be able to
delve into the world of kernel configuration and really make it my own at
some point after I'm a bit more comfortable with it.  Does anyone know what I
need to do in order to include the UMDA66 features in on a custom kernel?

Any and all help is appreciated!


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