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Re: cd-rom "medium not found", no modules load

Thanks! I got it working just by issuing sudo hdparm -d0 /dev/hdc,
turning off dma for the drive. Now that it works, I'll see about
turning off DMA by default for it. My next step is to investigate
whether there exists a boot-time parameter to disable dma for hdc
while allowing it to remain on for my other drives without having to
recompile my kernel.

If anybody has pointers on setting up auto dma on some drives but not
others, I'd appreciate it.

Thanks Michael


* Michael Hong (hsleahcim@home.com) [010628 12:23]:
> I had the same problem with ide-scsi after installing a CDRW.  In my
> case it worked when I recompiled a kernel without auto dma. I think in
> the kernel config file it's called "CONFIG_IDEDMA_AUTO".  If you have
> this set in your kernel maybe it will work for you if you make a kernel
> with it unset.

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