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Re: DPMS broken in xfree 4.x/gnome 1.4?

On Sun, 1 Jul 2001, G.LeeJ wrote:

> Rick Macdonald wrote:
> > On 3 different machines, DPMS no longer turns off my monitors after
> > upgrading to woody/sid/XFree86 4.x/gnome 1.4. The screen goes blank, but
> > it doesn't do the suspend/off.
> >
> mine works fine as long as I don't set a screensaver ......I understand its a
> bug in 1.4 ?

In gnome Control Center, under Destop/Screensaver, I have:

No Screensaer
but also:
Start after 3 minutes
Require Password (not selected)
Priority (about in the middle)
Use Power Management (selected)
Shitdown monitor 10 minutes after screen saver has started.

What are your settings?


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