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Re: Time to fight for our beloved DEB format!

Joost Kooij wrote:

> > However, Microsoft do have good
> > products (like this Outlook express i'm using).
> For one, it does't include any In-Reply-To: headers when you reply to a 
> message in a discussion.  So your messages are not shown as part of the 
> discussion thread in my mutt.  

I've also noticed that Outlook Express (at least some versions) has a
stupid habit of giving image attachments the MIME type
"application/octet-stream" rather than "image/jpeg" or whatever. And of
course, there's no obvious way to fix it on the user's end, because it's
not something the average Windows user would understand, and therefore
Microsoft chose to hide it, or not make it user-configurable at all.

The things that drove me away from Outlook Express once and for all were:

(1) It trashes the formatting of non-HTML email by dropping leading
whitespace from every line. So if someone sends you Python code in the
body of the message, or some other information where indentation is
important, it gets ruined.

(2) Its filtering rules are utterly inadequate. You cannot filter based
on an arbitrary header, or using regexps. This makes filtering mailing
list messages into their own folders somewhat haphazard, since Microsoft
chose not to provide options for matching against headers such as
"X-Mailing-List:" or even "Sender:". (As a side note, it is unfortunate
that mailing lists vary so widely in their usage of headers. But that's
exactly why you have to able to match against ANY header, not just a
handful of common ones.)


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