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Re: woody/linux 2.4/raid/athlon/almost a horror story

	Subject: woody/linux 2.4/raid/athlon/almost a horror story
	Date: Fri, Jun 29, 2001 at 11:58:45PM -0700

In reply to:aphro@portal.aphroland.org

Quoting aphro@portal.aphroland.org(aphro@portal.aphroland.org):
> i had originally planned to delay testing of linux
> 2.4 until late this year. but i recently had an
> urge to try to do some video capture, and discovered
> if i want to capture at 640x480 i need linux 2.4
> and V4L2. So since this is a fresh install i
> decided to try out 2.4......
> what a horrible experience.
> firstly, i compiled my 2.4.5 kernel with "Athlon/Duron'
> support, and was promptly greeted with "Illegal Instruction"
> on e2fsck when i tried to boot the system. Kind of
> odd considering i have an athlon 1309mhz proc ..

Odd.  I installed kernel 2.4.x on my Athlon 2-3 months ago and have
not run into any problems at all. Potato r3 tho.

Of course mine is only running at 996.326 Mhz.

Glad that the 2.2 kernel is working for you.
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