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Re: Installing with 2.4 and ReiserFS

Found the install disks that I used:


I searched for ages to find these and it took me a while to find them
again. I knew the guy's name started with "Z" :-)

I used the ones with HPT366 support compiled in (that was a dream come
true finding reiserfs and HPT366 Debian custom install disks!)


If you already have a set of the 2.2r3 base disks there is no need to
download base2_2.tgz (you would have to put that 15MB file on a hard
disk anyway).

I have always installed a minimum floppy disk install and upgraded
packages from there. Makes an exciting time with apt-cache search trying
to work out what packages you need to install to get something to work
:-) It's like a kitset OS.


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