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Re: Installing with 2.4 and ReiserFS

Am 30. Jun, 2001 schwäzte Andy Mott so:

> I'd install a standard Potato build, using the ReiserFS floppies from
> here:
> http://debianboot.digitaltux.com/
> Then simply upgrade the kernel. There's no need to use testing if you want
> a tried and tested system.

Here's the page on running 2.4.x on potato:


Haven't tried it myself. My 2.4.x boxen are all running testing. I've had
very few probs with testing. One 2.4.x box is running
kernel-image-2.4.5-something, the others are self-compiled. I've only tried
the kernel-image package one other place ( my laptop ) where it tried to
boot from /dev/hda5, not /dev/hda3 as listed in lilo.conf. Haven't delved
into it.


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