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Re: Latex and hyphenation

On Fri, Jun 29, 2001 at 11:53:10PM +0000, Victor wrote:
> I've read a lot of latex enormous, fragmented documentation and still
> I can't make head or tail of how I can say latex that I want the
> Italian hyphenation and how to use the \hyphenation command (I mean,
> what packages are needed, what setting and so on).

look for the babel package, if your courageous that is.
> Is there anybody out there able to gimme plain straightforward
> instructions?

plain and simple, here it goes:)

1) to create a format file with italian hyphenation patterns you'll
   have to run texconfig as root, select HYPHEN, select latex, search
   for italian, remove the leading %, save the file.
   If things are like the should be, your machine will be busy for a
   wile generating the new format file

2) in your latex file give italian as option in your documentstyle line
   like in:

      \documentstyle[12pt, italian]{book}

groetjes, carel

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