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isa-pnp, modem & the 2.4.5 kernel

Can anyone help?

I have a 3Com US Robotics 56K Voice Fax Internal modem...  It worked
great with isapnp and the 2.2.18 kernel.  As soon as I upgraded my
system to unstable and the 2.4.5 kernel, it won't work anymore.  The
isa-pnp.o kernel module detects the modem but upon 'cat /proc/isapnp'
it tells me that the device is not active and spews out severial
configuration options...  It apparently doesn't set up the card

Does anyone know how to use isa-pnp to get the modem configured

one side point, '/dev/ttyS4' echos back and ATDT so I think the card
may be bound to that serial port... but if that is the case, why is it
that every time I try to use that port I get the error message that the
ioctl is invalid?  Invalid ioctl... what is that!

Parrish Myers

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