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Re: Netscape 4.77 Java Fonts too large

On Mon, Jun 25, 2001 at 09:31:16PM +0200, Guy Geens (ggeens@iname.com) scribbled

> I long time ago, I found a page with tips on how to make Netscape
> fonts look better. I can't find it now, but this page seems to have
> the information you need:
> http://www2.arnes.si/~mrihta3/ns-unix.html
> Also, install the msttcorefonts package. This gives you access to
> Microsoft's TTF fonts which are used by many web sites.

Already have the msttcorefonts installed and the Netscape.ad modified
but there was some interesting stuff about scalable fonts at the
bottom of the page you mentioned...thanks for the URL, I'll play
around with scalable fonts and see if that helps.

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