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Re: Monitor not remembering settings


This was also one of my problems and i solved it (or i worked arround it) I
run Windows and XWindow in different resolutions. My monitor can 'remember'
14 different settings at the same time.

May-B this works for you 2. If all fails, remove Windows ;P

Nico de Haer

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Subject: Re: Monitor not remembering settings

> >>I have Debian unstable set up with KDM and KDE2 to dual-boot with a
> >>system. My problem is that each time I boot to Debian, I have to
readjust my
> >>monitor's settings because the screen is all bent out of shape. Any idea
> >>it keeps resetting? It never does that when I go back to Windows.
> >>always sticks to the proper settings.
> > Windows could be resetting your monitor.
> > (I've noticed that re-installing Windows 98 makes my monitor forget all
> > my Linux video mode settings.  As usual, Microsoft tries to take over
> > everything.)
> Is there a way to stop this from happening? Maybe by adding something in
> Linux to make it remember the settings after a Windows reset?
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