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Re: cvs/networking/aaaargh!

On Wed, Jun 20, 2001 at 11:44:57AM -0700, Glen S Mehn wrote:
> ok, this is a wierd wierd wierd problem:

And this isn't a very timely response, but it may be useful anyhow.

> I ahve a cvs server. I use pserver auth for it.
> every now and then, connections from the cvs server hang, and they seem to
> tear down my networking.

> usually after ~15 minutes, everything works fine. But sometimes it doesn't.
> wierd thing: if I logon to the box @ the console, tehn ssh out from it ti
> seems to make the networking all happy. Also, connections to 'localhost'
> work just fine even when other connections fail (from another host).

This sounds vaguely familiar...  Based on my previous experience, I'd say
your problem has nothing to do with CVS.  It's your network card's driver.
Update it or get a new NIC.  (I had very similar problems with a 3Com
3c905 Boomerang a while back.  Replaced it with an EtherExpress Pro and
haven't had so much as a hiccup since.)

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