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Re: changing hostname

On Fri, Jun 22, 2001 at 05:10:56PM +0200, Joost Kooij wrote:
> Also must do is to read a book on unix systems.  I suggest the 4.4 bsd
> book, because it is a lot more readable than some of the more well-known
> pamphlets by various illustruous academics[1].  Also, Kirk McKusick has
> a video with the book and you're missing out if you have not seen it.
> It is brilliant.  I wish that some day, there will be something similar
> for linux and that it will have all the beautiful anectdotes that light
> up the McKusick tapes.  This is really unix at its best: vibrant with
> culture.

Cheers, I'll give that a go some time... 

> > > Watch out for all the rope hanging about in dark corners of /proc and
> > > /dev.  Your point is valid though, but I doubt that you'll find
> > > much of importance outside of /var.  And then most of what is in /var
> > > should probably change itself when daemons restart or should just stay
> > > like it was, like your archived logfiles.
> > 
> > /proc and /dev? Shirley the next reboot would cure /proc... though admittedly 
> > it's not always an option... and an all together too windowsish solution! ;) 
> You really don't want to mess with /dev/kmem and /proc/kcore.  Install and
> setup a user-mode-linux system if you like to toy with that stuff without
> exposing real data to real danger.

Think you misunderstood me Joost... I was't advocating playing around with /dev
or /proc. I was just wondering was $HOSTNAME info could be lurking around in 
these directories! (see original post)


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