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How to install cdrom (Samsung CDR-RW, SW-208; Debian Potato 2.3

How do I install the cd-rom modules to read from the cd? 

1) boot from cd, follow installation process
2) install modules fs: binfm_aout, smbfs, vfat; misc: generic_serial
	net: bsd_comp, dummy, ppp;
3) continue install to "Next: reboot"; reboot
4) Install continues, asks source of Debian packages
5) Select cd-rom as source
6) Install says it can't auto-detect cd-rom, asks for its location 

Windoze says the cd is installed as primary slave (hdb), lists
resources of the Primary ide controller as 
io 01F0-01F7
io 03F6-03F6
irq 14
io E000-E007

When I tried the scsi emulation route with Potato installed and reading
from the cd, I lost the cd "medium not found" and also did not have
all the modules the CD-Writing HOWTO asks for.

The easy answer should be " install the cd"; but none of the Debian cd
modules will install; what module should I use, with what parameters? 


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