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XMMS: root can / user can not listen Audio CDs

just installed Debian/GNU Linux 2.2r2 and now installed
X, SAWMILL, TKMIXER and XMMS from the official CDs.

When I start X as root and start then XMMS I am able to
to listen to AudioCDs (also the tracks are not listed in
the PLAYLIST window).
When I do the same as user, I may start XMMS but
when I try to add the content of /cdrom within the "+FILE" Dialogue
(of PLAYLIST) I don't see files like TRACK... in the right part
of the window opened by "+FILE" as I see them when doing
the same as root.

The CDROM is mounted with the following properties in fstab:
/dev/cdrom  /cdrom iso9660 defaults,noauto,user,ro 0 0

[Perhaps things went wrong because I had installed and deinstalled
(using dselect) GRIP before I installed XMMS and as I understood
to use GRIP one has to be root]

Thanks in advance!

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