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RE: Sudden problem with bind

On Fri, 15 Jun 2001, Robert-Jan Kuijvenhoven wrote:

>Thanks Ian,
>I will try upgrading bind. Do you know if there is a .deb for bind 9? I was
>not able to find one. I did download the .tar.gz file from ftp.isc.org but


>I am not used to installing these files, because I always use .deb files.
>If there are no .deb files available for bind 9, can I just do a
>./configure and a make, or do I need to supply a special installation path
>to comply with debian standards? And do I need to uninstall bind 8 before
>installing bind 9?
>At 09:15 15-6-01 +1000, you wrote:
>>I had this a while ago and never found the problem.  named would simply
>>either stop working or just unload itself (normally the latter) with nothing
>>in the logs at all.
>>I updated to bind-9.1.1rc1 and all has been fine since with the exception
>>that an nslookup would not return to a prompt after execution... control C
>>would restore the prompt.  I havev't bothered about it as time has been
>>short of late.
>>-----Original Message-----
>>From: Robert-Jan Kuijvenhoven [mailto:r.kuijvenhoven@kabelfoon.nl]
>>Sent: Friday, June 15, 2001 5:04 AM
>>To: debian-user@lists.debian.org
>>Subject: Sudden problem with bind
>>I have got a debian potato firewall / mailserver running for a couple of
>>months now. It ran without any trouble until a few days ago. Suddenly dns
>>does not work anymore (I use bind 8.2.3-0.potato.1 as a caching only
>>nameserver). When I do a nslookup on www.debian.org for example, I get the
>>following result:
>>  > www.debian.org
>>Server: localhost
>>*** localhost can't find www.debian.org: No response from server
>>  >
>>I have added some -l rules to my ipchains script to find out what is
>>happening. The dns requests from my debian box to my isp's dns server seems
>>to be ok (masquaraded udp request to port 53 of the ip address of my isp's
>>dns server). However, the dns server seems to respond only with a icmp
>>packet on port 3:
>>Jun 14 16:50:45 debian kernel: Packet log: input - ppp0 PROTO=1
>> L=56 S=0x00 I=21704 F=0x0000 T=63 (#1)
>>I would expect the dns server to respond with an udp packet on port 53. I
>>am not sure about that however, because I do not know much about dns. If I
>>keep trying to resolve an address it sometimes works and once the address
>>is in the cache on my debian box I can keep resolving that address without
>>I have connected my modem to a windoze box directly and it worked without
>>Can anybody tell what could be wrong here please? I have not changed a
>>thing on my debian box before it stopped working correctly.
>>Robert-Jan Kuijvenhoven
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