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Re: Anything similar to Powerpoint?

My personal preference is to use HTML presentation on 
a browser. Totally platform independent.

Opera 5 supports  full screen (F11 toggle), and it is 
*actually* the "full" screen with no browser borders,
(unlike IE which still has the browser frame around).

This is true for both the  Linux and Win-9x versions.

All you need is a  .gif "next" and "previous" link on
each individual html "slide". 

The  only  problem  that I face, is  that, I need to 
carry my  Opera-5 CD to all venues, and uninstall it 
on  completion of the  presentation.  Opera-5 is not 
that common and is not available on most systems.

USM Bish

On Tue, Jun 12, 2001 at 11:10:24AM +1000, Graham Williams wrote:
> >>>>> Matthias Richter wrote to debian-user on 09 Jun 2001 23:30:41 +1000:
>     >> Is there anything for Linux that provides at least some of the
>     >> facilities of Powerpoint?
>     Matthias> I've just completed a presentation using pdflatex
>     Matthias> (texpower, hyperref, ifmslides) \ldots so if you're
>     Matthias> already very familiar with (pdf)latex you might also use
>     Matthias> this cross-plattform way of presenting things nicely ;-)
> In a similar vane I use the LaTeX "prosper" package which does a very
> good job of bringing together texpower, hyperref, ifmslides, in a
> simple to use and familiar (LaTeX) environment and provides
> plug-n-play glitz just like powerpoint, all presented using PDF.
>             http://prosper.sourceforge.net/
> Regards,
> Graham

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