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Re: CUPS question

On Wed, Jun 06, 2001 at 10:40:33PM +1000, Robert Martinovic wrote:
| Hey,
| On the advice of others, I installed CUPS, and have got some results
| for my printing problems. There is still something wrong.
| With the cups web interface, I can print a test page ok, but when I
| sent a normal job from a bash prompt - nothing. Funny thing is:
|      * cups' web interface registers the job, and says that is printed
|      ok
|      * i can see on my eth0 that the data actually went from my pc
|      ( to the printer (
|      * the light on the front of the printer begins to flash as the
|      job comes, and then nothing
| Any suggestions?

What kind of printer?  Does the printer have an LCD display (like
older or bigger laserjets)?

I haven't done any configuring of ethernet printers, but I do have an
older Laserjet IIIp and an old Seiko ColorPointPS.  I have found that
if I send PS Level2 data to the printer the LED will flash as it gets
data, but the LCD will display "Flushing PS Job" and once the spooler
has sent all the data nothing happens.  I would suggest sending a plain
text file to the printer to see what it does, then verify that the
document you tried to send was the proper format (PS Level1 or


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