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Re: Alsa and Kernel 2.4.5

Andreas Tscharner wrote:

> Hello World,
> I cannot compile the alsa drivers any longer with kernel 2.4.5 (Kernel
> 2.4.4 worked) using make-kpkg modules_image
> Has anyone the same problem?

Don't think it's a alsa problem, but yes, i've found trouble creating the
modules image. The problem isn't in compiling but creating the package. I've a
limited knowledge of the building process, but changing (or better forcing) the
kernel version in
alsa-driver-0.9+0beta4-4/debian/modules.d/control.module-image.in in the line
"Recommends: kernel-image-2.4.5 (= 2.4.5)" i was able to create the package.

Hope this helps


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