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Wanted: apt-changes tool

Is there such a thing as a tool for debian that looks at a current
installation and compares it to what's available (via whatever
sources.list is pointing to) and summarises the changes.  

For example, list all installed packages, their current version
number, and the available version number.

Something like:

# apt-changes
Package         Available               Installed
adduser         3.36                    3.34 
alsa-base       0.9+0beta4-3            0.9+0beta3-1
auctex          10.0g-2                 10.0d-1 

Then, I would like to give the name of a particular package and it
will summarise changes made to the package from the version installed
to the version available. This information is perhaps cached somewhere
on the net since it goes in debian-devel-changes mailing list?

# apt-changes adduser

 adduser (3.36) unstable; urgency=medium
   * The "I hope it resolves NIS issues" release
   * make -C /var/yp is called when invalidating nscd cache. Thanks to
     Juergen Fischer for testing. Closes: #22412
   * Included example adduser.local script from John Zaitseff.
     Closes: #94245

Pointers to where such information lives might be useful if such a
tool does not exist but could be written.

Graham Williams

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