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Re: Apple G4 with MacOS 9.1 unable to connect to Debian 2.2 box

On Fri, May 18, 2001 at 12:15:45AM +0200, Cleto Pescia wrote:
> I've run into a weird problem trying to have a PowerMac G4 with MacOS 9.1
> connect to a Debian Linux 2.2 box (kernel 2.2.18).
> A friend of mine has a small network of Macs, with several releases of
> MacOS, all connected to a Debian 2.2 box acting as firewall / IP
> masquerading server for Internet connection. Netatalk is installed and
> working as expected, even on the G4. What does not work at all is the
> TCP/IP connection between G4 and the Debian server. Only a tiny fraction
> of packets is detected by tcpdump when using ping. But ping works from and
> to the G4 for all other systems. All IP addresses used internally are
> static and belong to the Class C, with the Debian systems'
> Ethernet interface configured as
> Oddly enough, when I substituted the Debian box with a similar
> FreeBSD server, the problem disappeared.
> Does anyone know if this problem is due to a flawed TCP/IP stack in
> MacOS 9.1?

hmm! i've got mac os 9 on my powerbook and it connects to the
wwweb via my potato 2.2.17 ipmasquerading firebox, just fine.


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