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Re: Linux debian

I have a Realteck too. Mine is one RTL8029 PCI and works fine with the ne driver. I couldn`t make it work with the ne-pci, but i have no problem with ne.
Rafael Sasaki
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Subject: Linux debian

My name is Jenner, i'm new in the linux world and i really need some help. I have the GNU Linux Debian 2.1, i'm right now partitioning a 40Gb. disk and the system tells me that i cannot boot from the hard drive 'cause this distribution of linux only supports 1024 cylinders from hard disk and i got 19564 cylinders. What can i do? Do i got to always boot from the floppy?
My other problem is that i got a RealTek net card and i don't have the drivers. Can i download it into a floppy? If i can do that, how can i install it? If i can't do it that way what can i do?
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