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Re: Windowmaker Menu

On Tue, 29 May 2001, Lorens Kulla wrote:
>     I am rather new to Debian, and Linux as well. I am trying to convert
> the family over from Bill and Company. In an effort to customise wmaker
> I seem to have screwed up the menu/application launcher. Now when you
> right click on the desktop, all that comes up is the application header
> bar. With no other options. I was in the process of removing Corel WP8
> manually when this happened. The other window managers work fine. But
> the other members of the household seem to like wmaker. I tried apt-get
> remove wmaker. It removed it except for /etc/X11/Windowmaker,
> /etc/GNUstep/Defaults, and /etc/GNUstep because they were not empty. So
> I emptied them. and then did an apt-get install wmaker. Still the same
> problem. I guess I should just leave well enough alone. Any way to
> restore this without a full install would be nice. Thanks in advance.

Check your ~/GNUstep/Library/WindowMaker/ directory. Usually the menu is
saved in there. Also try running wmaker.inst again to reconfigure default
settings (including menus).



Craig Holyoak

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