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kernel, 2.4.5, and, Lite-On, LNE100TX, NIC

Hi folks,

This is a little OT for this list, but I thought I'd ask around here
before annoying the kernel gods on the kernel list.

At the moment I'm running 2.4.3-ac7 with no real problems. I have an
ethernet card which identifies itself thusly to lspci

00:0b.0 Ethernet controller: Lite-On Communications Inc LNE100TX (rev

This uses dhcpcd to get an IP address to connect to the outside world. I
also have another NIC, which also uses the tulip chipset (as does the
one above) to connect to my local lan.

I tried upgrading to both 2.4.5 and 2.4.5-ac1 last night, and with both
of these kernels, my NIC was unable to connect to the dhcp server to get
an ip address. If I rebooted back into the 2.4.3-ac7 kernel, it works
fine again. The other NIC works fine, regardless.

Is there anyone else here who is having problems with that kernel and
that NIC? I haven't yet established whether it's the card or dhcpcd or a
combination of both, unfortunately. Any advice on how to further
diagnose the possible problem? Any other info that would be helpful?



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