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Re: automounting home directories with nfs

hi andrew

normally... you want /home to be automounted so that 
your home directory and look and feel is the same on
any machine you login on...

where you should put /home is a separate issue

	where these paths are defined in your /etc/passwd too

simplest way to accomplish automounted /home dir
whenever a user login is to use autofs

verify that /home is exported on home_server to the
machines you want to allow them to see your home_server:/home dir

on the other end...

  First manually test that you can mount the machine
  client#  mount home_server:/home /mnt/test
	if that works...than can automount /home

  save the current ( un-wanted /home )
  cd / ; mv /home /home.generic

  whever a user login, automount home_server:/home for their home dir
  ln -s /.autofs/home /

  To automount using autofs....

   cat /etc/auto.master
	/.autofs	/etc/auto.home --timeout 600

   cat /etc/auto.home
	home	-fstype=nfs	home_server:/home

restart autofs...

   ls -la /home		- should show you links
   ls -la /home/andrew  - should show you stuff on home_server

after all that works...now you can worry about the various
mount options...

have fun

On Fri, 25 May 2001, Andrew D Dixon wrote:

> Hi All,
> I'm trying to set up a small network and I'll be using NIS and NFS for
> home directories.
> I was wondering if it's possible to only mount a user's home directory
> when he tries to log in.  This way I'll only have one home directory
> mounted on the box at a time and I can avoid putting an unnecessary load
> on the server.
> any suggestions?

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