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Problems with SB/Ensoniq 16 PCI


I have just recently received a copy of Linux by Libranet, which is based
on Debian 2.2 (Potato). I am having a heck of a time getting it to work
with a Creative Sound Blaster 16 PCI (a/k/a Ensoniq AudioPCI) soundcard.
The Libranet page said that these were compatable with Linux, which is why
I got one of those cards (rather than look for a used 16 PnP ISA card).

I've actually tried installing Libranet twice now. I attempted to follow
the directions both times.  However, after being asked if I wanted to
configure the sound card, the install skipped on to the network config.
It didn't ask me what sound card I had.  I tried to fix this through the
Xadminmenu, but again was not able to access any list of cards.

With the second install, the process skipped from the package install all
the way to telling me it was finished and ready to use.  Since it had
skipped over the sound, network, and X config steps, needless to say, it
was not ready. I went out on the CD and found the post_install script and
executed it (I was able to ID it as the part of the install skipped as I
had been through it before, and looked at the script before running it).
Again, no list of soundcards was presented, although the rest of the
install went on, and X was then startable.

I have also tried recompiling the kernal, based on a suggestion in the
tech database on the libranet site.  First of all, the kernal source is
not installed by default (someone might want to mention how to do so on
the tech DB tip in question).  I took care of that (the kpackage with
Libranet, unlike the one with Caldera, does work with *.deb files).  I
followed the tip best I could (could not figure out where to put any
numeric values in, as the tip suggests might be needed) and recompiled the

The system would no longer boot.  Had to use the rescue disk.  Tried again
and, again, the system will not boot on its own.

As it is, I cannot even be sure whether or not it is the card or the
distro.  I am leaning towards the distro, though. The install process for
Caldera was able to find the card (as it played the startup wav), but then
at some point during the install, it "looses" the card, as once Caldera is
installed, the sound does not work (and it does not ask to test it when it
comes to the point near the end of the install where it should).

I also attempted to get Libranet to work with the SB 16 PnP ISA card, but
to no avail.  This is on a Gateway P5-120 with 32 Mb RAM.  I can provide
other info about it on request.  BTW, the ISA card does work fine with
Caldera (and did so in Windows 98), so that card is not suspect.

If anyone has any ideas, I would be glad to hear them.  I am sending this
to the Debian list, too, since it may be a kernal issue.


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