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Re: debian-user-digest Digest V101 #704

on Thu, May 24, 2001 at 03:32:03PM -0400, Marc Shapiro (m_shapiro@bigfoot.com) wrote:

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> Karsten,
> Thanks for the advice on which partitions can be used for both
> releases.  I certainly don't want to mess up apt-get's data.  I solved
> the Netscape problem myself.  When I copied /etc/alternatives, the files
> got physically copied, instead of the links and
> /etc/alternatives/netscape really wanted to be a soft link.  

You want to research methods of copying directories and filesystems such
that links, device files, etc., are preserved.  There are options to the
'cp' command which will do this.  More commonly, archival tools such as
tar, cpio, and afio are used.

> Those have all been corrected.  I am still a little worried about df
> showing /dev/hda1 as being mounted on root when it is really
> /dev/hda11, however.  Note that both 'df' and '/etc/mtab' show
> /dev/hda1 as being mounted at / and and /mnt when /dev/hda11 is
> actually mounted at /.  /proc/mounts does not show this conflict, but
> it says that /dev/root is mounted at / in each case.  

'df' apparently refernces /etc/mtab.  /etc/mtab is maintained only when
/ is mounted writeable, and may not accurately reflect system state.
/proc is a "virtual" filesystem, and actually reports current kernel
state through a filesystem-like interface.  /proc/mounts **IS** the
definitive state of your system.

    cat /proc/mounts > /etc/mtab

...will update your system mount table status.

> If I do 'ls /dev' it does not even show /dev/root as existing?  Here
> are the full results of doing a 'df', as well as the contents of
> /etc/mtab and /proc/mounts.  Do you have any ideas what is causing
> this?

I'm not sure what the story behind /dev/root is, but it doesn't
necessarily exist.  It simply is whatever filesystem you've mounted to

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