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Re: pppoe on a new install?

On Mon, May 21, 2001 at 11:35:39PM -0700, kyle@bieneman.org wrote:
> Has anyone had any success setting up Debian on a system that connects
> to the net using DSL via PPPoE?  The .deb packages appear to be missing
> the configuration scripts and documentation.  The Roaring Penguin site
> only has information on the latest version, version 3.0, which depends
> on libc6 2.2.2 or greater (and is currently part of Woody).  This,
> of course, has a lengthy dependency chain, breaking Potato completely.
> Unfortunately, I can't upgrade to Woody, because I can't connect to the
> net with Debian yet.  Finally, downloading Woody under Win98 doesn't
> work, because c:\dists\woody\main\binary-i386\Release gets read as
> dists/woody/main/binary~1/Release

pppoe in debian do not use any script, read /usr/doc/pppoe/README.Debian

Best regard

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