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lyx (was Re: small school: replacements for MS Word and Excel)

on Mon, May 21, 2001 at 12:42:01PM +1000, Joel Mayes (joel_mayes@dingoblue.net.au) wrote:
> On Sun, May 20, 2001 at 08:35:50PM -0600, Cameron Matheson wrote:
> > On Sun, May 20, 2001 at 10:11:04PM -0400, Sean Morgan wrote:
> > > StarOffice, neither of these are as stable as Office on NT4.  The
> >               ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> > 	      From my experience, that is *completely* untrue.  I have
> > 	      never had either of those office suites crash on me (although
> > 	      WP8 is kind of clunky), but stability is *not* an issue.
> > 
> > > stability of the filesystem is also a major question, you'd have to use
> > > ReiserFS on everything as ext2 is no replacemnet for NTFS.  
> > 
> > Why couldn't you use ext2?
> > 
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> Has any one here used LyX, I got on to it a couple of months ago and 
> It is the best word procesor I have every used, and not to difficult
> to learn, as it's a "what you see is what is mean" procesor it
> would let the students concentrate on content rather than worrying
> about layout.

I've looked at it a few times.  Just tried it again.  A few issues.

  - What happened to Klyx?  The homepage is 404
    http://www.lyx.org/~ettrich/klyx.html, and its parent suggest it
    won't come back any time soon http://www.lyx.org/~ettrich/
    (K'mon, people:
    It's completly 404 in the Debian packaging system.

  - Is there *any* way to modify the menu fonts in Lyx?  I far prefer
    'fixed' in everything, have been gently clobbering Gtk, GNOME, and
    KDE apps to fall into step.  Lyx is apparently not based on Xt, so X
    resources aren't respected.

Hmmm...from Freshmeat, there's a download page with a klyx ftp site
including a DEB.  Interesting.

My inclination is to stick with emacs and sgmltools for LaTeX editing.
I haven't done much LaTeX, but this has worked quite well for DocBook

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