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> Some idiot has misconfigured a mail2news gateway or something.  All
> their newsgroups are getting sent here...

Ive just un-subscribed (2 minutes ago) becauise I was gettin gSOoooo much
crap.  GeeeZE

David van Popering
Running Linux

When meetings just aren't hacking it. When you've tried and tried to get
people to listen. When you've emailed and phoned and faxed and even
descended to sending memos to get your point across, and it all hasn't
worked. When you've resorted to quoting company IT policy to get the point
across and you're met with bloody minded stupidity or even malicious
intent, it's time to act. Normal channels aren't working.

Black Operations. Silent, undetected and above all untraceable acts of
system administration which get the job done. Of course, if you're fired
or captured the secretary will disavow any knowledge that you ever had the
root passwords. 

There's a job to be done, work without backups, casualities are
acceptable. Do what you know to be right. You are weapons free.

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