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Re: Mouse in X

Arlequín wrote:
> Joel:
> My mouse is on the first serial port
> I assume that this is /dev/ttyS0, isn't it?
> It is not PS/2
> What furher info do you need???
> Thanks for answering,
> Arlequín

I guess you have gpm already running. There are sometimes problems
with gpm and  mouse under X. Go to textconsole e. g. Ctrl+Alt+F2),
login as root, type ps -A and if there is a process called gpm kill
it. Then go back to X (Alt+F7) and move the mouse. If it is working
you'll have to chnge the device to /dev/gpmdata, as Paul already mentioned.

BTW, do mind reading http://learn.to/qoute 


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