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Re: sendmail statistics(sendmail.st) not working ?

On Mon, 30 Apr 2001 aphro@portal.aphroland.org wrote:

Sorry this took so long, been fighting fires

> > This line will bite you...  you should delete it...
> > /etc/init.d/sendmail expects the pidfile to be in /var/run/sendmail -
> > the exact name/location varies by release....
> yes, i changed that file as well. i thought sendmail
> created that file as user mail but now that i look at it
> its owned by root ..originally did that because /var/run
> is not world or group writable ..and i didn't want to change
> that.

Yeah, a pita, I wound up create /var/run/sendmail/{mta,msp} to handle
varying permissions

> >> define(`confSEPARATE_PROC', `true')dnl
> >> define(`confMAX_DAEMON_CHILDREN', `350')dnl
> >
> > Why on earth...  Reduce your interval to something more reasonable, and
> > let the queue managers handle deliveries (you can define the
> > max runners per queue).
> interval where?

Depending upon your version, /etc/mail/sendmail.conf or

The QUEUE_INTERVAL variable is what you want to set, it controls how
often sendmail will attempt to run the queue (I have mine set at 1
minute for workstations, and 5 minutes for servers) you want to balance
this time with the average time taken to run a queue.

With 8.12, you can set the interval on a per/queue basis (which is
actually how I handle my queues)

> > Yeah, poking about is indeed fun ;)
> thanks for the advise!

Anytime, hope this helps

Rick Nelson
* wichert_ imagines master without a MTA
<james> wichert: ehm?  that might hinder peformance of the BTS :p

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