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Re: Multi-platform software development

On Wed, 16 May 2001, Preben Randhol wrote:

> I recommend that you use Ada 95 and GtkAda.

Yes, Ada 95 is a nice language.

> The app I'm developing just
> needed to be compiled under Windows to work. It is being developed under
> Linux of course. Ada 95 is highly portable. C and C++ are not.

I think that well written C code is portable. Many projects deve­
loped under GPL proove it.

>    Ada is the most powerful

What do you mean by "powerful"?

> object-oriented general purpose programming
>    language. It has built-in concurrency, built-in exception handling,

Ada  exception  handling  is very limited when compared to C++ or
Java exception model.

>    built-in generic templates, built-in distributed execution,

How  good is Ada 95 in dynamic distributed execution? (when we do
not know where are partitions of  distributed  program  prior  to
running it)

> standard
>    and defacto standard interfaces to other programming languages and
>    libaries,

Is  there an standard interface for database connection like JDBC
is for Java? Are there any libraries for most popular  commercial
and non-commercial database management systems?

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